Somewhere over the rainbow, Way up high, There's a land that I heard of, Once in a lullaby

Somewhere over the rainbow, Skies are blue and the dreams. That you dare to dream. Really do come true

premiere of ‘Birdman’ 2014 Venice Film Festival

friends meme: 1/4 friendships · joey and phoebe

"Boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, but this is for life."

Upstairs, Downstairs (S01E01 The Fledgling) Nico Mirallegro as Johnny Proude

I’ve been planing this surprise for you guys for a few weeks now. I know I said I’d never share my psds, but it’s my birthday and I want to give something back to you. So this is my little gift and my ‘thank you’ to all of you who put up with me and my mess every day. Enjoy! :)

Download here from mediafire.

  • 2 psds (one vibrant and one pastel psd) Work best for light/medium and outdoor scenes, but should also work on darker/indoor scenes if you adjust the brightness and selective colour layers a bit.
  • 1 sharpening action (for timeline) Works best for 1080px and 720px videos, but you can also use it for 480px.
  • Please give it a quick like or reblog if you’re downloading it.
  • Don’t steal or claim this as your own.
  • Don’t repost it!
  • Happy giffing and have fun my darlings! ♥

I am called the Virgin Queen. Unmarried, I have no master. Childless, I am mother to my people. God give me strength to bear this mighty freedom. I am your Queen. I am myself


Happy 50th anniversary, Mary Poppins!